This information is intended for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE) version 6.0. If you are using a browser other than IE, you will need to take similar steps for the browser you are using.

Blank page after logging in
This problem is most likely because of the bookmark you're using to access the DEPGreenPort website. Once you've logged in and have received the blank page you can simply delete everything in your address bar after the "https://www.depgreenport.state.pa.us" part of the URL.

No Response from Application Web Server
The No Response from Application Web Server message is displayed when there has been a prolonged period of browser inactivity. To correct the problem click the browser Refresh icon which is located below Favorites on the browser tool bar. Click "Retry" on the displayed alert box. If the message persists after 2 or 3 Refresh attempts, close the browser and open a new session.

ERROR: Invalid username/password combination. (auth_fail_exception)
You have entered an invalid Greenport User Name or an incorrect password for the account. Check your DEPGreenPort account information. Be sure to enter the account User Name and password correctly. The DEPGreenPort password is case sensitive.

ERROR: There was an unexpected exception during the login process. (unexpected_exception)
The unexpected exception error generally occurs as a result of page caching. Closing your browser and opening a new session usually will correct the problem. If the problem persists, try to delete your temporary internet files.

ERROR: Your account has been locked. (acct_lock_err)
A DEPGreenPort account is locked after 10 consecutive, incorrect passwords have been entered for the account. To reactivate the account contact the DEPGreenPort Help desk. Please specify the User Name of the locked account. A new password will be sent to the account owner via email.

How to delete temporary internet files
The intended purpose is to delete the browser's temporary internet files and to check for newer version of stored pages at every visit. If these options are not available to you, contact the IT coordinator for your organization.
· Open Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).
· Click the Tools option on the IE menu bar.
· Select Internet Options from the selection list. The Internet Options pane will open.
· Click the Delete Files button on the Internet Options pane General tab. The Delete Files pane will open.
· Click the OK button on the Delete Files pane. This operation may take several seconds to complete.
· Click the Settings button on the Internet Options pane General tab. The Settings pane will open.
· Select "Every visit to the page".
· Click the OK button on the Settings pane. The Settings pane will close.
· Click the OK button on the Internet Options pane. The Internet Options pane will close.